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I’m Weslie. These ‘about me’s’ always make me feel a little funny...’cause honestly, which part of me do you really want to know about? The right now me who is a mama to three kids, running a mix of small businesses with my husband/business partner, or the few years ago me that was at rock bottom and living out of our parents basement? The 20 year old me who just got married and had a baby? The teenage me who went to 10 different schools? Or the kid me that when asked, “What do you want to be when you grow?” answered: Happy... or a Taco Bell worker.

All of these still feel like me, and then a shell of me at the same time.

And I guess it boils down to my story—because my story up until 5 years ago had always defined me. It made me, me, and it has lead me to become the woman that I am today who I am so unbelievably proud of.

But something snapped a few years back when I hit rock bottom and was forced to change. I started a process of feeling, dealing, and healing from all my past trauma and self tortious thought patterns when suddenly, I realized I no longer was my story- and I woke up.

What is waking up, anyway? I think it’s different and unique for every person. But for me- it meant I broke down the nice little box that I spent a lifetime building up then trying to fit myself in. It meant I stopped believing the lies I told about myself to myself that seemed to play on repeat over and over in my head, which I then projected outward into the world. It meant that I stopped being afraid of everything-it meant that I stopped needing to be accepted and liked by everyone. It meant that I realized the only acceptance that I truly needed, was my own.

Letting go of old programming and harmful thought patterns has lead me to my authentic self.

My authentic self is what I now call my highest self, my true potential. My highest self is this wise, intuitive, courageous, and untamed woman that was there all along but buried underneath all the people pleasing, and flight or flight/survival mode strategies that I operated out for my entire life-but suddenly, there I was.

I did this by myself, alone in my bathtub of all places, each and every morning. I devoted a year of my life to self discovery, self reflection, shadow work, and healing. I went deep. It got uncomfortable-it scared me. It scared my husband. It was a lot like cleaning out a junk drawer—it got much worse before it got better...But I came out of that year free. I came out of that year me. More me than I had ever been before...and this still feels amazing.

Over the last 5 years I have delved into so many different spiritual practicies, read so many great books, and have tired and done things I could have never imagined myself doing before—and the best part—I’ve had more honest and limitless conversations than ever before in my life.

So instead of keeping all these amazing conversations to myself-I thought why not share them? And really, why not? I don’t claim to have all the answers, and I still don’t know exactly what I’m doing on a daily basis-but I’m open to learning more, trying anything once, and being honest with you (and myself) about what sticks....About the things and practices that actually work and light me up.

So, this is it....The whole reason I created Wake up With Weslie. I hope that you can learn or experience something here that brings value to your life in some way each and every week.

Thank you for being here.


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