Episode #11 Part 1 + 2

Weslie Christensen

In this week's episode, Weslie deep dives into her ayahuasca experience in a 2 part series. In part one, Weslie touches on what ayahuasca is, how she found it, what drove her to the medicine, and her trip down to Costa Rica to partake in a real ayahuasca ceremony.... She stops at the beginning of her day 2 morning, so make sure catch the ending in Part 2! In part 2 of Weslie's ayahuasca story, she explains her night 2,3, and 4 ceremonies. From there, she talks about the importance of integration, how she's handled integrating back into normal life, and the lesson she learned that have stuck. She goes into how this experience has changed her as mom, and how her kids and family have responded since her trip out to Costa Rica 9 months ago. At the end, she answers a few of her most commonly asked questions about her ayahuasca experience. Weslie went to Rythmia Life Advancement Center located in Costa Rica.