Episode #18

Richard Morgan

Richard Morgan is a life coach, a writer, and an artist amongst lots of other things, but beyond the titles, successes, and life stories....he's a pretty amazing guy. He speaks in a way that hits right to the gut and just sinks in deep. He is full of wisdom, experience, and inspiration. It was such a pleasure to be able to steal an hour of his time...enjoy! Check out his site here.

Episode #17

Jessica Janae

Jessica Jenae is woman who wears many hats. She is a wife, a mother, an extraordinary photographer, and finally, a body positive social media influencer. She is so full of life and confidence that it spews out of her and makes you want some of whatever it is that she's drinking. She takes us on her journey from working behind the scenes shooting huge photos campaigns, to smack dab in front of the camera as the model herself. Find her on Instagram: @jessicajanae ... 

Episode #16

Amanda Morgan

TRIGGER WARNING: This episode discusses adolescent sexual abuse. Amanda Morgan is a woman who wears many hats. She is a wife and mother, an amazing singer, an actress, a photographer, and an extraordinary chef. She really does do it all and does it well. While balancing all this, just within the last year she has had to make the excruciating decision to distance her self from the extended members of their family due to alleged inappropriate behavior. She tells us her excruciatingly painful, yet heroic story of choosing herself and her kids, and the lengths she would go to to protect them and facilitate healing. You can find Amanda at @freebirdandcompany on Instagram, and look out for her new Indian taco food truck called, @basmatifoodtruck...  

Episode #15

Troy Eckert

In this week's episode you get to meet Troy Eckert. Troy started out as a kid who just loved to surf (which he happened to also be really, really good at it). He became a pro very early on, and from there---he just took off. We talk about his life story, and how he got to where he is today as an equanimity coach at Radical Voyage....  

Episode #14

Rory & Rachel

This week I recruit my brother and his girlfriend to live like me! They follow my morning and nightly routines, then report back to me after adhering to it for 7 straight days. We’re talking: mediation, morning pages, celery juice, rebounding, breathing, and getting cold 🥶....

Episode #13

Doug Cartwright

Doug is back again! This week he delves into his thoughts on the quarantine, how to deal with anxiety, and working through worse case scenarios in our minds. Get his course at thedailyshifts.com.

Episode #12

Weslie Christensen

We are under quarantine! Well, actually we're choosing to self quarantine during this crazy corona virus time to keep us and our community safe, so we thought it was a great time to introduce the kids to you all! They are answering all of your most asked questions, and being their wild, crazy selves....  

Episode #11 Part 1 + 2

Weslie Christensen

In this week's episode, Weslie deep dives into her ayahuasca experience in a 2 part series. In part one, Weslie touches on what ayahuasca is, how she found it, what drove her to the medicine, and her trip down to Costa Rica to partake in a real ayahuasca ceremony.... She stops at the beginning of her day 2 morning, so make sure catch the ending in Part 2! In part 2 of Weslie's ayahuasca story, she explains her night 2,3, and 4 ceremonies. From there, she talks about the importance of integration, how she's handled integrating back into normal life, and the lesson she learned that have stuck. She goes into how this experience has changed her as mom, and how her kids and family have responded since her trip out to Costa Rica 9 months ago. At the end, she answers a few of her most commonly asked questions about her ayahuasca experience. Weslie went to Rythmia Life Advancement Center located in Costa Rica.  

Episode #10

Doug Cartwright

Doug Cartwright and Weslie get real personal this week by opening up about their first hand experiences with plant medicine. Doug delves into his past, and how the choices he made have shaped his present. He touches on grief, loss of a loved one, ending a relationship, transitioning out of religion...the works! ... Listen in the episode for access to free handbooks by his company, The Daily Shifts! instagram: @thedailyshifts  

Episode #09

Mandyjean Broadbent

How do you feel about aging? Do you fight it tooth and nail, or let go of control and embrace the process? I've found that I've landed really smoothly right in the middle of embracing nature taking its course, while still doing certain things that help preserve the only skin I'm in. The plasm pen (also called fibroblasting) is one of the newest anti-aging trends that has hit the USA---and guys, I'm all about it. ...Mandyjean schools us on what the plasma pen is and how it naturally lifts and tightens the skin while smoothing out wrinkles AND wakes up your fibroblast cells to build collagen. She delves into her personal story of finding happiness after divorce and how she feels she was carried through that event by all the lovely women in her life. Mandyjean wants to pay it forward to you guys, the listeners, by giving away a series of 3 plasma pen treatments to one lucky listener! To enter the giveaway: 1) Subscribe to the Woke With Weslie podcast and download this episode. 2) Follow both Mandyjean (@plasma.perfecting.pen) and Weslie (@wokewithweslie) on Instagram. 3) Share this podcast episode and/or the giveaway Instagram post in your stories. 4) Write a short comment explaining why we should pick you, or your nominee! GOOD LUCK!